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Wednesday Write-Up Wrap-Up: Office Design Trends

The modern office is on the move. Gone are the days of hiding employees away in cubicles and calling that tiny, windowless space in the center of the office “the break room.” This change is in no small part thanks to employees who no longer expect just paychecks, but offices that excite them. But how are you, the humble office or facilities manager supposed to keep up with this changing environment? Fret not. We are here with a round-up of some recent articles that will give perspective and, hopefully, set your creativity ablaze.

Office Design 2018: What’s In and What’s Out

We’re starting with the basics: a simple list. This article from Inc. Magazine does a great job outlining what trends from the past decade or so are falling out of favor and what trends are stepping in to replace them.

Our highlight: “Out: Bright colors everywhere, In: Pops of color”
5 Design Trends That Will Make Your Office More Productive – and Look Amazing

Pardon the clickbait title, but this is a very solid article. Again coming from Inc. Magazine, this article provides you with a summary of their list of the World’s Coolest Offices. These five trends seem like surprisingly simple improvements that can be made without breaking the bank.

Our highlight: “5. Visual reminders of why employees come to work every day.”
Office Design: Layout and Decoration Trends That Have Become the Norm

This article provides more strategically focused design trends. Rather than suggest quick fixes, this write-up from the Augusta Free Press outlines ways to think about major office overhauls. These ideas are ones that you will want to digest, sleep on, and debate before making a decision.

Our highlight: “If you want to bring fresh vibes into your company’s building, adopting [biophilic design] is recommended.”
See Inside These Modern Knoxville Offices

Where all of our previous picks have gone for a broad overview of design trends, this pick focuses on a specific company and how they utilized these trends to improve their office. This article profiles the redesign that Knoxvill-based architecture and design firm McCarty Holsaple McCarty went through and is full of great pictures and videos.

Our highlight: “Strong office design goes far beyond pretty – it helps a company achieve its goals and engage employees.”
12 Tips for Organizing Your Work Space

To continue the narrowing of perspective, we decided to end with an article not about redesigning your office, but your own work space. As every great leader of change has said, “Start small and dream big.” See how you can improve your own productivity and you may get an idea or two about how to expand that to everyone in your office.

Our highlight: “Organize for first-order retrievability.”

So what are your thoughts? Are there trends that you can’t wait to try? Trends that you can’t wait to die? Let us know in the comments!

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