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Project Management

Project Management

Once we’ve developed a plan and specification for a customer, our team goes to work to make sure that we meet every expectation on the part of our clients. Product specifications are transferred electronically to our business operating system which develops customer quotes, factory purchase orders, delivery tickets and final invoices with no opportunity for error. Prior to placing orders with the factory, we will establish project timelines and critical decision dates so our customers know exactly what to expect once they are ready to place an order.

We will coordinate with all of the trades involved in planning and executing the furniture installation and verify field measurements to make sure that there are no surprises after orders are placed. We determine how to most effectively reduce the cost of installation by coordinating direct shipment to the building site whenever possible and making sure that docks and elevators are reserved well in advance so we can quickly off-load and stage product before assembly.

Behind the scenes, we make sure that our suppliers understand the critical arrival dates necessary to meet completion and move-in dates and ensure that deliveries come in as expected. On the occasion where we find that product may have been damaged in transit, we make every effort to get replacement product on site quickly so that our customers are not inconvenienced or delayed. We understand the need to make sure that issues are transparent to our customers.

We identify and resolve any punch list items, making sure that the customer is aware of any issues, expected resolution dates and temporary cure that might be needed.

We have also developed status reports for clients that may have multiple on-going projects. These reports are updated and distributed weekly so our clients know what quotes are outstanding, when orders have been placed, when the orders have been acknowledged to ship and when we plan to commence and complete installation, based on their predetermined schedules.

After the move-in, we’ll make sure that everything is operating as expected and if a user has any issues, we’re there immediately to correct the problem. Ultimately, the only measure of customer satisfaction is the end result. We understand that and go to great measures to make sure that the customer has the best possible experience when they purchase from CIC.

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